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"Bark at the Moon - Coming of the One
Army of the One - Bark at the Moon Book two

Army of the One

Army of the One - Bark at the Moon Book 2 is available as an eBook.
You can find it at most eBook retailers $4.95
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Excerpt from "Army of the One" Release date Sept 4, 2015 - 
I moved through the gathered army with ease, passing through those in my way. Breccan, flying Wind Walker overhead, never too far ahead or too far behind where I was below. I continued to here Abaddon howling, using this sound to home in on his location. Finally, I pushed into a clearing, Abaddon in the center, ready to howl again. 
He paused seeing me emerge from the surrounding troops. I could detect a sense of relief in his body language, telling me he was glad I was there. He looked to see Breccan and Wind Walker descending, his eyes clearly on the young werewolf.
I felt my heart swell seeing Breccan, his violet eyes looking in my direction. I could feel from him his love for me and only me. These were the feelings I knew Abaddon shared with Wind Walker. I now understood both beings could be loved without reservation. That our spirits, mine and Abaddon’s, could each love they who were our mates. Whether I was as I am or as Abaddon, I could love them both as together Abaddon and I were one.

There was a slight whooshing sound and I looked to see a strangely dressed young man stepping into the clearing where we stood. He was dressed as if he was some character plucked from ages long past or laughingly, from a Renascence Fair. His clothing was multi-colored and puffed out at the legs and arms. A large floppy hat adorned his head, from which a beautiful Peacock’s feather arched up and back.
He carried a strange looking guitar, much like you'd see similar characters carry and play in a King's court or again a Renascence Fair. His fingers, lightly strumming the many strings as he stepped forward, bowing to both Abaddon and me.
“My Lords, I have come as it was foretold.” His voice full of grace and reverence. I looked at him and wondered if this was what Cira had been speaking of.
“Then do what you must, this is no place for one such as you to be.” As I spoke I looked at Abaddon who looked back at me, our words the same, our voices speaking as one. I could see Abaddon shifting in and out of focus. Looking at my hands as I reached for him, I saw the same effect on me. I could feel some force tugging at me. Pulling Abaddon and I together.
"My Lords, I have had but one task in my life. To find you and sing to you a song that will restore who it is you are. My purpose thrust upon me, much as yours was thrust upon you, ends this day. I have, but one last song to sing. It is the song of your life and my death. I am honored to have been chosen for this task."
Again Abaddon and I looked to each other, then noticing that others were now seeing not only us but this musician as well. I could feel the relief in both Breccan and Wind Walker as we became more solid, being seen by those around us. 
This strange singer strummed several dramatic chords on his guitar thing. “Once long ago, my life had no purpose. I was merely a dreg of life, destine for an early grave.” He strummed several more chords. “Till I found my muse, or perhaps,” he looked off quickly, “it was I who was the muse and was found. No matter, for then my life had a reason to go on.” He continued strumming. “I met a strange old wizard who bid me play for him. It was he, who gave to me what was to be my life’s work.” An endearing smile crossed his lips as he thought back to this wizard. “You will wander the lands of this world and more. Singing for all who will hear you. Your songs will bring peace to all who hear them.” His strumming changed now, more peaceful and soft in tone. “You will sing every song you know and more that you learn, save the one song you will spend all time creating. Your life will go on, unending until the day comes that you will meet the two who are as one.” He looked at both of us now. “On that day, you will sing the song you have written for them.” A single tear fell from his eye, a prideful smile forming on his lips. “Today, I sing that song for you.”
As he strummed, his voice filled the air, all other sounds fading:

-Army of the One - Bark at the Moon Book Two - by Jim "Little Wolf" Vose


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