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Bark at the Moon series:

"Bark at the Moon - Coming of the One
Army of the One - Bark at the Moon Book two

Coming of the One


Vampires, Werewolves, Wizards and magic don’t really exist do they?  This is the question Gryf Rivers asked himself the morning after he dreamed a beast attacked and bit him.  They do!  He is soon embroiled in an epic battle of good and evil, love and hate, honor and distrust: he and his companions, Breccan and Scott find themselves thrust into a world of mystical creatures and magic they thought only existed in fantasy.  Friendships are challenged; love is lost yet found anew as they try to remain loyal to each other when everyone else seeks to destroy all they have.

Bark at the Moon - Coming of the One

Release date: April 6, 2013
Revised edition release date: May 3, 2013
You may notice the rating for the book on smashwords is "premium".  This merely refers to my placement in their que for distribution to eBook retailers. 

You can now find the eBook on the following retail sites:

Please remember to review the book on the site where you purchased it.  Your comments help others decide to read it and also helps me gain stature on the retailer's site and as a new author.

The 'revised' edition has been released and is available on - All eReader formats including KINDLE - KINDLE
www.barns& - NOOK - KOBO reader
iTunesbookstore - not yet available - SONY reader - several platforms

SPECIAL NOTE TO SMASHWORDS.COM USERS - Please remember to turn off your adult filter to view the book. 

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Purchasing and Downloading your eBook from

This is a very easy process to do.  Go to and log in or register (it's free, fast and secure).  Search for my eBook, Bark at the Moon - Coming of the one.  Click on the search link for my bok, then click on add to cart.  Follow the on screen directions to pay for your eBook.  You will then be asked to download it or save it in your Library. on smash words.  Click download and a list of eReaders and file formats will appear.  Select your eReader and click download.  It is really that simple.

Kindle and Kindle fire users - Follow the instructions above, however, you will need to download and save the fie to your computer.  Here is exactly how I did it.  I defaulted this choice and saved to my desktop.  Once the file is downloaded (3 seconds), I made sure it was there.  Now just connect your kindle to your computer via the special Kindle USB cable (available at any office store).  A Kindle window should open up.  Click on the "books" file and you will see a listing of the books on your device.  Simply drag the eBook file to this window and you are done.  If by chance a Kindle window does not open up, as happened with me, you will need to click on My Computer on the start menu and open the window manually.  Then continue following the above directions. 

Jim Vose's books on Goodreads
Coming of the one Coming of the one (Bark at the Moon, #1)
reviews: 2
ratings: 3 (avg rating 3.33)

Printed Version
Release date: May 25, 2013



ISBN 978-1-62620-443-0 - eBook
ISBN 978-1-62620-625-0 - printed

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